One of the most respected BJJ figures in the country, Hansel stumbled upon Jiu Jitsu in Australia while looking for an alternate activity to his main sport at the time, basketball. After a week of free trials, he was hooked and dedicated himself to learning, competing and teaching the art. He received his black belt in 2011 from Darren McKean under the illustrious Peter de Been association.  He has since accumulated a wealth of competition accolades. In addition to his successful competitive career, Coach Hansel has also made significant contributions to the development of Jiu Jitsu in the Philippines. As a Philippine national team athlete, head coach, and currently a board member of the national federation, he has played an active role in promoting and growing the sport in the Philippines. Coach Hansel is known for his technical expertise and ability to effectively communicate and teach complex concepts to his students.

Former Head Coach, Philippine National Team
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt

2022 ADCC Philippine Open Professional (83kg), 2018 Philippine National Team Trials, 2017 BJJFP Pan Asian Championships, 2017 BJJFP Pan Asian Championships (Open Weight Black Belt), 2016 JJFP Jiu Jitsu Nationals, 2016 Philippine International Luzon Open, 2015 Philippine International Jiu Jitsu Open, 2015 JJPF Pan Asian Championships, 2013 AFPBJJ Pan Pacific Black Belt Masters, 2006 AFPBJJ Pan Pacific Adult, 2003 AFPBJJ Pan Pacific Adult

2022 ADCC Philippine Open Professional (Open Weight), 2017 BJJFP Pan Asian Championships (Middleweight), 2016 IBJJF Asian Open (Tokyo Japan), 2013 AFPBJJ Pan Pacific Black Belt No Gi Masters, 2012 Australia Nationals Black Belt Gi Open, 2011 AFPBJJ Pan Pacific Gi Adult, 2011 AFPBJJ Pan Pacific Open Adult (Middleweight), 2007 AFPBJJ Pan Pacific Adult

2018 JJIF Asian Championships (Aktau Kazakhstan), 2013 Australia Nationals Gi Black Belt Open, 2011 AFPBJJ Pan Pacific No Gi Adult (Open Weight), 2008 AFPBJJ Pan Pacific No Gi Adult, 2001 AFPBJJ Pan Pacific Novice Adult

Honorable Mentions 
5th Place 2018 Abu Dhabi World Pro Black Belt Masters