A vast majority of serious fights are done with weapons. Hold-up situations, Home Invasion, group fights and other homicide cases are done with either Impact or Edge (bladed) weapons. Learn to defend and protect yourself and your loved ones by learning the Kali De Leon Methodology of Fighting. This modern Filipino martial art focuses on Speed, Power, Timing and Precision with Impact, Edge Weapons and Unarmed Combat. It’s a dual weild system in it’s core driving mastery in all the weapon systems in it’s aresenal. It’s members learn ambidextrous fighting to avoid weak areas. It has direct translation to self-protection for street use and can be modified for police and military use as well. After all it is the system of choice of the Canadian Royal Marines taught at the main school in Toronto, Canada. This comprehensive and diverse system was created by Ama-Guro Jun De Leon to be effective, efficient, practical and fun to learn. It is a great fighting system that can also compliment other fighting systems for other martial artists. Our class is open to all ages 10 and up (with parental consent). This class is taught by Kali De Leon Internation Instructor Kuya Toby Genato.