Kids’ Yoga

OA’s Yoga program is meant specifically to teach kids to move better, feel better, breathe better and become more focused in their daily lives. Each class focuses on poses and meditations specifically applied with kids’ bodies in mind. Rates Package Classes per Month Price (PHP) Price per Session (PHP) Drop-In 1 800.00 800.00 5-Class Pack…


Vinyasa Connect with your body, move with your breath, and practice at your own pace. Allow us to guide you through this mixed level vinyasa yoga class that encourages you to explore your practice with mindfulness. Plenty of opportunities will be provided to consider every body’s varying capabilities and help you realize your own body’s…

Family Kickboxing

A combination of some of the most effective striking martial arts, plus a great way to keep fit: our family kickboxing class is the complete package! Each class is formatted to be safe and challenging for kids, as well as any parent that wants to join in. Learn life-saving martial arts skills with your loved…


Our kickboxing classes are a combination of different striking styles- Muay Thai, Western Kickboxing, Karate and more. Classes involve learning practical, technical striking techniques, group and partner drills accessible to all, as well as light sparring for more advanced students. Rates Package Classes per Month Price (PHP) Price per Session (PHP) Drop-In 1 550.00 550.00…

Fitness Flow

Our fitness classes are designed for strength, mobility and cardiovascular fitness. Most importantly, we make sure they’re fun. Get a dose of endorphins to start your day with our morning adult fitness classes. Find your inner peace with our Yoga offerings. Develop body awareness through fun and games with our kids’ fitness classes.

BJJ Kids

Get your kids off the tablet and on the mat with Origins Athletics’ fitness and martial arts programs tailor-made for kids. Our kids’ curriculum is designed to engage kids physically and mentally as well as instill in them valuable attributes such as discipline and perseverance.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Origins Athletics offers a range of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes taught by a faculty of world-class instructors with a proven curriculum. Different classes are optimized for kids, teens and adults of varying levels of experience and skill level. A Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Kimono is required in most classes and are available for sale or rent in the gym.