Kids’ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Created in Japan and honed in Brazil, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (or BJJ) focuses on leverage-based grappling techniques that are designed to neutralize much bigger and stronger attackers and bullies without having to punch or kick. Our BJJ kids and youth programs focuses on respect and self-defense, emphasizing on controlling assailants rather than trying to hurt them. A BJJ Gi or Kimono is required for this class.  

Kids’ Muay Thai 
The art of 8 limbs. Thailand’s premier striking art has proven its merit countless times in the streets and in professional arenas around the world. We offer a kid-friendly, technical approach to this legendary art focusing on its core values of discipline and perseverance. Expect kids to make friends and have a great workout along the way. 

Kids’ Fitness
We make exercise fun at Origins Athletics. The core of our Kids’ Fitness curriculum are tried and tested circuit-style functional resistance/cardiovascular meant to help participants develop a fit and healthy growing body in a safe environment. We spice things up with obstacle races and partner races so kids never know what to expect