Michael first fell in love with the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in 2010. He has since dedicated his life to studying and sharing the beautiful art to as many people as possible, in the process founding both the Origins Youth Program and Origins Athletics in San Juan. Constantly seeking to test himself, Michael is proud to be one of the most experienced competitors in the local BJJ circuit having competed in over 130 documented BJJ matches in the Philippines and abroad. Doing everything he can to learn, he has also visited and trained in academies in over 15 countries around the world. He currently holds the rank of Brown Belt.

Superfight Record: 2-0
Fight Con (2017) 
Arte Suave (2017)

Gold Medalist: 2018 Pan Asian BJJ Championships, 2018 Rollapalooza BJJ Championships, 2017 Origins BJJ Purple Belt In-House Tournament (Open Weight), 2016 Origins BJJ Purple Belt In-House Tournament (Open Weight), 2014 Rollapalooza BJJ Championships

Silver Medalist: 2017 Philippine BJJ Nationals, 2016 Copa Arnold Classic Rio De Janeiro, 2015 Philippine Pan Asian BJJ Championships, 2015 Rollapalooza Grand Prix Qualifiers, 2014 Philippine BJJ Nationals (No-Gi), 2014 Philippine BJJ Nationals (Gi), 2014 Rollapalooza Summer BJJ Open, 2013 Philippine Submission Absolute, 2011 Philippine BJJ Nationals 

Bronze Medalist: 2018 Philippine International Open 2018 IBJJF Manila Open, 2017 Pan Asian BJJ Championships, 2016 IBJJF Los Angeles BJJ Pro, 2016 Rollapalooza,. 2015 Rollapalooza BJJ Championships, 2015 Rollapalooza BJJ Championships (Open Weight), 2014 Asia Pacific Submission Absolute, 2014 Rollapalooza BJJ Championships (Open Weight), 2014 Philippine BJJ Nationals (Open Weight), 2012 Philippine BJJ Nationals (Open Weight), 2011 Pan Asian BJJ Championships, 2010 Pan Asian BJJ Open, 2011 Philippine BJJ International Open, 2010 BJJ International Open, 2011 Rollapalooza Summer Jiu Jitsu Open, 2010 Copa Manila, 2010 Philippine Novice BJJ Open