Michael Tiu is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner with a wealth of experience and knowledge in the sport. He began training in 2010 and quickly developed a passion for the discipline, dedicating himself to the art and becoming a successful competitor. Michael has competed in over 170 documented matches, and amassing a wide range of competition accolades, both local and abroad. 

Michael especially prides himself in his ability to teach kids. He started Origins Jiu Jitsu’s Kids’ Program in 2015 and has since dedicated himself to helping his students become overall better people in, and most importantly outside of the mats.

In 2019, after years working at various capacities in the fitness space, Michael fulfilled his dream of combining his passions and opening Origins Athletics, where he and other equally passionate coaches aim to share the life-changing benefits of martial arts and fitness training. 

Member, Philippine National Team 
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt 


Superfight Record: 2-0

Fight Con (2017)  
Arte Suave (2017)

2022 ASJJF Dumau International Open, 2018 Pan Asian BJJ Championships, 2018 Rollapalooza BJJ Championships, 2017 Origins BJJ Purple Belt In-House Tournament (Open Weight), 2016 Origins BJJ Purple Belt In-House Tournament (Open Weight), 2014 Rollapalooza BJJ Championships

2023 Philippine National Team Trials Gi 69kg, 2017 Philippine BJJ Nationals, 2016 Copa Arnold Classic Rio De Janeiro, 2015 Philippine Pan Asian BJJ Championships, 2015 Rollapalooza Grand Prix Qualifiers, 2014 Philippine BJJ Nationals (No-Gi), 2014 Philippine BJJ Nationals (Gi), 2014 Rollapalooza Summer BJJ Open, 2013 Philippine Submission Absolute, 2011 Philippine BJJ Nationals 

2023 Philippine National Team Trials No Gi 69kg, 2018 ASJJF Philippine International Open, 2018 IBJJF Manila Open, 2017 Pan Asian BJJ Championships, 2016 IBJJF Los Angeles BJJ Pro, 2016 Rollapalooza,. 2015 Rollapalooza BJJ Championships, 2015 Rollapalooza BJJ Championships (Open Weight), 2014 Asia Pacific Submission Absolute, 2014 Rollapalooza BJJ Championships (Open Weight), 2014 Philippine BJJ Nationals (Open Weight), 2012 Philippine BJJ Nationals (Open Weight), 2011 Pan Asian BJJ Championships, 2010 Pan Asian BJJ Open, 2011 Philippine BJJ International Open, 2010 BJJ International Open, 2011 Rollapalooza Summer Jiu Jitsu Open, 2010 Copa Manila, 2010 Philippine Novice BJJ Open