OA Mobility Flow

A follow-along class that focuses on yoga-inspired mobility work. Strengthen your body while exploring its full range of motion. Mobility Flow is a perfect active way to start your weekend. A yoga mat, yoga blocks and straps will enhance your experience. Rates Package Classes per Month Price (PHP) Price per Session (PHP) Drop-In 1 400.00…

OA Strength Flow

OA’S Strength Flow classes aim to make the body stronger for a long and active life. we run a variety of class formats to make each workout holistic and never boring. Progressions and regressions make the class accessible for complete beginners and seasoned athletes alike. Rates Package Classes per Month Price (PHP) Price per Session…

Teens’ Strength Training

Holistic strength training class optimize for teens’ rapidly developing bodies (and busy school schedules too!). Strength, cardio, core and balance- all packed in an engaging, hour-long class. Dumbbells, bands and/or kettlebells are encouraged. Rates Package Classes per Month Price (PHP) Price per Session (PHP) Drop-In 1 400.00 400.00 Once-a-Week 4 1,300.00 300.00

Youth Kickboxing

OA Kickboxing is an exhilarating combination of different striking styles- Muay Thai, Western Kickboxing, Karate and more! Perfect for energetic youths who want to get fit, learn self-defense and have boatloads of fun at the same time. Rates Package Price (PHP) Drop-In 400.00 Once-a-Week 1,300.00


Mindfulness, gratefulness and exercise in one relaxing class. Yoga is an ancient Indian art involves holding postures and poses that are not only great for the body, but fantastic for the mind and spirit as well. Rates Package Classes per Month Price (PHP) Price per Session (PHP) Drop-In 1 400.00 400.00 Once-a-Week 4 1,200.00 300.00…

Kids’ Taekwondo

Taekwondo- one of the most popular martial arts in the world now optimized for online training. Learn self-defense, develop discipline and have a fun workout along the way, all in one class! Rates Package Price (PHP) 8-class Module 2,200.00 16-class Module 4,200.00 24-class Module 6,200.00

Power Hour Kids’ Fitness

Power Hour is a functional fitness class, mixed with martial arts drills tailor-made for kids! Each class features energetic music, creative games and freshsequences to keep your kids fit, healthy and engaged right from the comfort of your own home. Classes are safe and run by certified coaches. We usedumbbells, Bulgarian bags and resistance bands…

Fitness Flow

Our fitness classes are designed for strength, mobility and cardiovascular fitness. Most importantly, we make sure they’re fun. Get a dose of endorphins to start your day with our morning adult fitness classes. Find your inner peace with our Yoga offerings. Develop body awareness through fun and games with our kids’ fitness classes.